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Established in the 2009-2010 academic year, the Presidents' Cup measures an institution's overall academic performance in the 19 sports sponsored by the Little East Conference.

Each institutuion calculates the cumulative GPA for all of its student-athletes that competed in the league's 19 championship-sponsored sports and the institution with the highest cumulative grade point average is awarded the league's highest honor.

Presidents' Cup 
Eastern Connecticut State


2016-2017 Presidents' Cup Winner: Eastern Connecticut 2012-2013 Presidents' Cup Winner: Keene State
2015-2016 Presidents' Cup Winner: Eastern Connecticut
2011-2012 Presidents' Cup Winner: Keene State
2014-2015 Presidents' Cup Winner: Eastern Connecticut 
2010-2011 Presidents' Cup Winner: Keene State
2013-2014 Presidents' Cup Winner: UMass Dartmouth
2009-2010 Presidents' Cup Winner: Eastern Connecticut